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About Us

A message from our fam to you <3

Hey Love,
We know who you are-
You’re a confident, classy, badass boss lady.
You’re a queen and you have big dreams & aspirations.
You’re free, fierce, strong & ready to take on the world.
You have a can’t stop, won’t stop attitude.
You talk-the-talk and we want you to walk-the-walk with us.

How our fam came to be

Empty Soda was started with the ambitious & independent modern-day woman in mind. We wanted to create a brand that is edgy, trendy & allows women to express themselves with bold, statement pieces. We wanted to create a brand that values diversity & equality. We wanted to create clothing that is accessible for all woman, independent of her budget, location in the world, body type, or race. We wanted all of our goddesses to walk down the runway of life with class, sass and undeniable power. We are now making this thought a reality with our brand.

Why our fam is the realest in the game

At Empty Soda, we understand and work hard to empower all babes of the world. We know that some days you feel like rockin’ edgy vibe attire and other days you feel like presenting your classy AF side. Some days you feel like going out & dancing the night away and other days you feel like lounging inside with your besties. Regardless of your mood, we strive to provide the aesthetic swag you need to take risks, be a distinguished leader and put forward the best version of yourself. At Empty Soda, we put emphasis on designing and selecting only the most fashion forward and high-quality products so that you’re not wasting precious time searching for that perfect outfit.

Who run the world?

For the modern woman who is constantly under siege by society to conform to norms and is fighting to show the world what a badass woman she is, we have designed a brand to give you a little reminder. Every day is a fashion show, and you are the star babe. You call the shots. You make the play. You are beautiful and you are determined. You are successful and you are fearless – lets show the world who’s BOSS.